RBI Issued New 50 Rs Note in Short Time

50 Rupees Note

Do you know RBI issued new 50 rs note. After the demonetization move by PM Narendra Modi back in November 2016, speculations of new currency notes other than 2000 Rs and 500 Rs note have been doing rounds as of late. The latest one to join the band of rumors is the alleged new 50 Rs Note. Photos of the new currency note have surfaced on the internet and people are eager to get their hands on any information they could about the 50 Rs note.

50 rs note

The speculations about the 50 Rs have been spreading like wildfire since the photos of the new currency note made its way on some social media platforms. The change that caught the attention of people was the drastic change in the color scheme. The new 50 Rs Note boasts a turquoise blue color which is a big diversion from the regular and conventional dab-brownish color that we have been familiar with up until now.

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Adding the new currency notes will not affect the 50 Rs Notes that are already in circulation and they will continue to be legal tender. The news for the 50 Rs Note came shortly after the announcement of the new 200 Rs Note. The lower denomination currency is being planned to be introduced due to the mishap caused by the unavailability of a denomination between 500 Rs and 2000 Rs. That caused a lot of trouble and led to the decision to introduce new currency denominations.

50 Rs Note Information

The Reserve Bank of India will issue the new 50 Rs currency notes into circulation soon, but no rock-solid details about the dates have been received so far. Though there are some reliable information on the new notes that will help shed some light on them. The new Notes will be in the Mahatma Gandhi (new) Series. Also, the notes will bear the signature of the present Governor of the RBI, Urjit Patel.

Moreover, the new 50 Rs note will have the motif of Hampi Chariot on the back side. Hampi is a village in Karnataka and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The chariot’s presence on the note will reflect India’s cultural heritage and will have a great impact. The dimensions of the new 50 Rs Note will be of the order of 66 mm x 135 mm.

Apart from the above specifications and design structure, the new currency notes will have geometric patterns and designs. These patterns and designs are such that they will align beautifully with the overall turquoise blue color scheme of the note. Those designs and patterns will be present on both the front and back sides giving the 50 Rs Note a much better aesthetic look.

50 Rupees Note

On the obverse/front side, the note will have the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in the center. Along with that, it will also have the denominational value in the Devanagari script, micro letters RBI, the numeral 50, and India – both in English and Devanagari. The Ashoka pillar emblem can be found on the right side and on the left side, there will be a number panel and an electrotype watermark.

The sudden move in November 2016 by Government to withdraw the old 500 and 1000 Rs Notes shook the whole nation. After that, RBI introduced new currency denominations of 500 Rs and 2000 Rs Notes in order to make up for the currency taken out of circulation. The demonetization withdrew almost 86% of the currency from circulations was aimed to remove corruption, cut off terrorist funding, and root out all counterfeit currency.

Features of the new 50 Rs Note

There hasn’t been any official information or news from reliable sources about the new 50 Rs Note. But as much as could be taken from the images circulating on the internet, pretty much most of the important details are available and the features are explained below.

Obverse (Front Side)

  • A see through register of the denominational number 50.
  • Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in the center of the note.
  • The number 50 in the Devanagari Script.
  • Micro letters “भारत”, “RBI”, 50 and “INDIA”.
  • Emblem of the Ashoka Pillar on the right side.
  • Windowed demetalised security thread with letterings “भारत” and RBI.
  • Governor’s signature with promise clause
  • Guarantee clause and the RBI emblem towards of the Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait.

Reverse (Back Side)

  • Year of printing on the left side
  • Number panel with numerals increasing in size on the bottom right side and top left side.
  • Swachh Bharat logo along with slogan
  • Motif of Hampi Chariot
  • Language Panel
  • The Number 50 in Devanagari Script

The new 50 Rs Note and all the information is true according to the photos released and the RBI has confirmed that it is planning to release the new notes sometime soon. Also we shared latest information on new 200 rupees note at our website. The government had already made the decision of releasing the new notes last December following demonetization.

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